How to Get Over Your Fear of Heights.

Unless you’re a mountain goat, then it’s highly unlikely that some bit of height doesn’t scare you. And no, this is not something that you develop as you grow up, studies have shown that infants are also afraid of heights. This just goes to show that the fear of heights is an inborn trait in all humans.

Even though it is a common trait, there are certain people who have a heightened fear of heights. These are the ones that wouldn’t dare get on a plane, and some are even extreme enough to get them fearing walking across a pedestrian bridge.

In certain cases, this fear can be debilitating, and even mess with your everyday life. Getting over the fear of heights is necessary to live a good life. But how?


Don’t you just hate it when you’re not planning to have any visitors, but then some do pop up at your place and now you have to pretend to want them around? Similarly, if you have a fear of heights, wouldn’t you hate it if suddenly you found yourself having to go across or through an elevated structure?

To avoid issues that come with a fear of heights, it would be prudent to prepare yourself. This includes planning out your day ahead and all possible routes. If any of them include a rise to heights you won’t like, start preparing yourself mentally that this is going to happen.

Take it easy.

It’s not uncommon to have people tell you, you should rip the band aid off if you want to achieve results with dealing with your fears. The consensus is that you should deal with your fears with the greatest amount of gusto possible.  A good example is those with a fear of swimming who were thrown into the deep end and told it was sink or swim.

While some did indeed make it, they never really wanted to be anywhere near a swimming pool again. This is because the experience ended up causing more trauma. Also, instead of curing your fear, it will only end up heightening it.

When dealing with a fear of heights, it’s best if you, yes, do deal with it. However, how you deal with it matters greatly. Instead of throwing yourself head first into the challenge, how about you take things slowly?

Set yourself little incremental milestones and work towards achieving them.

Don’t forget to breathe.

It’s a normal human trait. Whenever one is faced with a stressful situation, all the attention gets focused on the thing that is stressing you out the most. In most cases, people forget to breathe and as a response, a panic attack sets in as the anxiety piles up, and breathing becomes a problem.

If you know you’re facing a situation with heights, it would be best to intentionally focus on your breathing. Good deep breaths in and out have been known to trigger the parasympathetic system, which in turn helps to combat cases of anxiety.