Warren Harding: Pioneer Extraordinaire.

Throughout history, there exist a number of people who have been known to accomplish extraordinary feats, some that simply defy logic and the abilities of the human body. For others, though, it was a matter of meticulous planning and even bending the rules to help them achieve their goals.
These are the people who have helped move human society forward in one way or another.
These are the people who showed society that with a little bit of brainpower, with a little bit of application, it is possible to achieve anything you set your mind to. And in this group of pioneers is this name, Warren Harding.

Going against the grain.

In this day and age, the mention of the name Yosemite immediately conjures images of a trigger-happy cartoon that has a mustache that gently sweeps the ground, but no. That’s not the Yosemite that’s the subject of our interest.
In this case, the Yosemite is the national park through which the Sierra Nevada mountains passes through. Perhaps its most famous features are the Tunnel View, which is a great pass in between the two peaks of El Capitan and Half Dome.
From the early 1900s all the way into the ’80s, there came a crop of people who were hell-bent on conquering every mountain peak known to man. This group of daredevils was the mountain climbers who put everything on the line to show that man is not limited. Warren Harding was one of them.
A number of mountaineers before him had set eyes on the two peaks and decided that the two would be some of the peaks that man would not set foot on. But Warren Harding had other ideas. And he set out to first conquer Half Dome, then conquer the granite cliff that is El Capitan.
It was physically not going to be easy to do it, then on top of it, he had rivals who wanted the honor of being the first to reach the tops of those beautiful peaks. In 1957, he was handed the defeat that perhaps spurred him into putting more effort into winning.
Royal Robbins, his greatest rival, took to the Half Dome and ascended to its peak even before Warren Harding could get a chance to do so. This was a bitter pill to swallow and what Harding did next is nothing less than legendary.

On the adjacent peak that is El Capitan, Harding devised a plan that would get him to the top.
Many criticized his plan as unsporting but Harding didn’t care. He wanted to win more than anything else. Through a series of fixed ropes, Harding connected his climb to a ground-level supply camp to keep things rolling.
Whether it was his extreme self-confidence or even his pride Harding took to the cliff. For over 18 months, he attempted to scale it, even to the point that a rope snapped and he almost plunged to his death, but he never stopped.
On getting to the top, he was greeted by a throng of reporters and furious park rangers who were hell-bent on arresting him for what they considered to be stupidity, and they had even attempted to rescue him several times before.
This is the portrait of a pioneer who looked at death in the eye and told it; not any time soon.


Do you Feel Like You Need To Boost Your Brain?

Of course, everyone wants to feel like they are the smartest in the room… well, unless you don’t mind being the one reputed for using brawn over brains. For years, geniuses and intellectual masters have long been celebrated by society. From Einstein to the Sherlock Holmes, everyone wants a little bit of these great people in themselves. Question is, how do you become one?

While it’s not secret that not everyone is born a genius in waiting, it doesn’t mean that you can’t work your way into being one. It’s for this reasons that certain tools exist to help you boost your brain power and knowledge. Here are a few of the best tools you could use.

Khan Academy

Here is something that was born out of helping your dependents do their homework. Salman Khan used to tutor his niece over the internet until a bright bulb lit in his brain. What if he could do the same for every other child in the world? That’s how Khan Academy was born.

This is a website and mobile app that will help you through a variety of subjects that may be of interest to you. From mathematics to computer programming, and even various forms of history, become the guru you want to be through Khan Academy.


It is often said that you are what you think. It’s also the reason why in some cases upon visiting a doctor, you will not get a specific illness that is causing your symptoms, but your doctor will instead tell you that the cause of your problems are psychosomatic, meaning your thinking caused you medical problems.

That is one reason why Happify was created. Negative thoughts will usually lead to a decreased enjoyment of life, and even lead to more serious conditions such as anxiety and depression. Happify will help you turn your negative thoughts into positive. This is through constant reassurance and brain rewiring therapies.

Your mental health is absolutely important for your overall wellbeing. Tart taking care of yourself.

Brain HQ

Are you poor at remembering stuff? Do you feel like your memory is a sieve and you can never really remember anything that happened, even if it was as little as 30 minutes ago? Or are you simply poor at remembering names? Whatever it is, it’s time to tackle that poor memory.

And here’s where Brain HQ comes in. They will provide you with a series of exercises. These exercises are designed to help improve your memory retention capacity. But that’s not all they do.

Aside from remembering stuff, there’s a lot that you would also need to get ahead in life. Key among them include being able to split attention between various projects you are handling and also improve your reaction times to stimuli. When all these are put together, you become better than your previous self.

Pearls in School

The thing about being a genius is that they usually start their processes when they’re quite little. As school going children, it would be prudent to help them grow their brains in the best ways possible, and Pearls in School was created just for this purpose.  


How to Get Over Your Fear of Heights.

Unless you’re a mountain goat, then it’s highly unlikely that some bit of height doesn’t scare you. And no, this is not something that you develop as you grow up, studies have shown that infants are also afraid of heights. This just goes to show that the fear of heights is an inborn trait in all humans.

Even though it is a common trait, there are certain people who have a heightened fear of heights. These are the ones that wouldn’t dare get on a plane, and some are even extreme enough to get them fearing walking across a pedestrian bridge.

In certain cases, this fear can be debilitating, and even mess with your everyday life. Getting over the fear of heights is necessary to live a good life. But how?


Don’t you just hate it when you’re not planning to have any visitors, but then some do pop up at your place and now you have to pretend to want them around? Similarly, if you have a fear of heights, wouldn’t you hate it if suddenly you found yourself having to go across or through an elevated structure?

To avoid issues that come with a fear of heights, it would be prudent to prepare yourself. This includes planning out your day ahead and all possible routes. If any of them include a rise to heights you won’t like, start preparing yourself mentally that this is going to happen.

Take it easy.

It’s not uncommon to have people tell you, you should rip the band aid off if you want to achieve results with dealing with your fears. The consensus is that you should deal with your fears with the greatest amount of gusto possible.  A good example is those with a fear of swimming who were thrown into the deep end and told it was sink or swim.

While some did indeed make it, they never really wanted to be anywhere near a swimming pool again. This is because the experience ended up causing more trauma. Also, instead of curing your fear, it will only end up heightening it.

When dealing with a fear of heights, it’s best if you, yes, do deal with it. However, how you deal with it matters greatly. Instead of throwing yourself head first into the challenge, how about you take things slowly?

Set yourself little incremental milestones and work towards achieving them.

Don’t forget to breathe.

It’s a normal human trait. Whenever one is faced with a stressful situation, all the attention gets focused on the thing that is stressing you out the most. In most cases, people forget to breathe and as a response, a panic attack sets in as the anxiety piles up, and breathing becomes a problem.

If you know you’re facing a situation with heights, it would be best to intentionally focus on your breathing. Good deep breaths in and out have been known to trigger the parasympathetic system, which in turn helps to combat cases of anxiety.